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The Trick To Having Long Term Happy Tenants

The trick to having long term happy tenants is to know the top market rent for the area and charge less for your unit.  In this way, the tenant will feel they got a bargain and in return you will get a steady flow of income every month and not worry about renting your unit every other month.  By the same token, if you are charging a lot less than the top market rent, you could be losing a couple of hundred or thousands of dollars per year.

Being a landlord myself, I have turned this into a science.  If you need my help in renting your apartment building unit for the right price and to the right tenant, I’m just a phone call away and most importantly, my fee is negotiable.
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Additional Services:
If you are a landlord in Los Angeles County, I’m pretty sure you have receive a couple of hundred of postcards in regards to choosing a “Retrofit Construction Company” for your soft story building.  To know if your building is an actual target of the city, I’m offering my services for a fee ($60) so I can look into the city database and let you know for certain if your building needs a retrofit.  Nevertheless, if your building is one of the unlucky ones, you should off gotten a written letter from the city through regular mail by now. With the exception for commercial and condominiums, the city will barely begin sending out letters to them on October 30th 2017.  To learn more about the “Mandatory Soft Story Seismic Retrofit Program Ordinance 183983” to go my official website link at:

Mandatory Soft-Story Seismic Retrofit Program Ordinance 183983



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