YES YES YES YES, there are still houses in Southern California under $300,000 believe it or not, all you need is the right agent to help you find them.

These properties are my own personal pocket listings; I will not share these homes with other real estate agents, Investors, brokers or realtors.

Home prices under 300k are so rare in Southern California that you will not find them getting advertise in the internet any longer.

I have saved this homes for the person that wanted to buy a home in Los Angeles or in Orange County but couldn’t because the houses in LA or OC are wayyyyyy out of their affordability.

Unfortunately I just have a few houses under $300,000. So if you really want to have a piece of the dream of owning your own home in southern California, you better give me a call right NOW before all of them are gone.

This houses are mini mansions compare to the small houses in LA going for half a million dollars.

This is how is going to work, give me call to 424-999-5710 to get things started. I will set you up with one of my 3 lender partners if you need them and we go from there.

I’m looking forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Israel Chaidez

(424) 999-5710